Mountains, jungles, deserts and urban areas — a superior image has nowhere left to hide.

Peak productivity, safety and savings.

You go where opportunity takes you. Unfortunately, onshore environments don’t always cooperate. Rivers, roads, infrastructure and no-permit zones conspire to thwart your seismic acquisition surveys. ZLand nodes from Magseis Fairfield go where cumbersome, cable systems can’t — anywhere on earth.

Unfettered freedom has landed.

Only ZLand does it all. It’s economical, lightweight, HSE-friendly and flexible, delivering trouble-free performance in any environment. It even accommodates additional external sensors when needed. You can place receivers at any interval, in any configuration, on the surface or buried, safely and out of sight.


Extreme flexibility to accommodate any type of external sensor

True cable-free 3C option can be buried out of sight

Lower transportation and logistics expenses

Safer, faster deployment

Continuous recording with no troubleshooting

Greater than 99% reliability

Minimal environmental footprint

Easier permitting

Compatible with any source or technique

Works in all land environments and configurations