Tackle transition zones with minimal risk and easy deployment.

Goes where others can’t.

Shallow and ecologically fragile, transition zones are immensely challenging when it comes to marine seismic data acquisition. Equipment deployment is risky. Cables are cumbersome. And towed streamers are not an option. The Z100 nodal system simplifies your task, whether it’s exploration, deployment, acquisition or long-term reservoir management.

Better images mean better decisions.

Lightweight and easily deployed, the Z100 system continuously records high quality seismic data from the beach to 300-meter depths. You get the images you need for successful, long-term reservoir management with minimal HSE risk.


Superior, multi-component 4C data

Lightweight, autonomous and HSE-friendly

Easily deployed and retrieved

Rated to 300-meter depths

Records continuously, no troubleshooting required

Integrates with other nodal systems, land and marine

No unreliable cables, connectors or telemetry