With this robust and flexible solution, take an enlightened path to successful reservoir management.

Broadband 3D data for risk avoidance.

With XHR Imaging, Magseis Fairfield can help you de-risk well trajectories and provide imaging of shallow reservoirs. With broad-bandwidth 3D data, it enhances and can potentially replace UHR 2D/3D for geohazard and site surveys.

Deployed in a wide-tow configuration, our Sealink 3840 recording system is combined with a 6+ octave distributed-airgun source array, enabling enhanced resolution and true amplitudes for inversion. Deep tow allows for better weather tolerance, both in terms of signal-to-noise and system robustness. If required, a longer cable(s) can be added to provide full waveform inversion or velocity control through conventional velocity analysis and tomography.

Versatile imaging for hydrocarbons and beyond.

In addition to geohazard applications, XHR Imaging also has the ability to provide 3D and 4D imaging for shallow oil and gas reservoirs. This versatility also allows Magseis Farifield to provide solutions that go beyond exploration and production of hydrocarbons and into the world of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), both for initial site identification and ongoing 4D monitoring.

XHR Imaging combined with OBN

XHR Imaging combined with OBN

Combine XHR Imaging with OBN to complement the high resolution dataset

XHR Imaging combined with OBN