From Proprietary Acquisition, to Multi-Client, to sales and leasing.

While challenges have become more complicated, technology alone doesn’t necessarily make your choices any easier. Magseis Fairfield brings the proven expertise that clarifies your options. Whether it’s our proprietary acquisition and handling systems, reservoir monitoring and bespoke source capabilities, or multi-client commercial models, we can design a project to meet your needs efficiently, safely and strategically.


In 2003, we introduced deepwater node technology that revolutionized the industry. Since then, we’ve advanced seismic considerably with modular options and other innovations.

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Reservoir Monitoring and Source

WGP marine seismic source solutions and RTQC technology, supported by our OBN systems, offer enhanced repeatability and efficiency for reservoir monitoring.

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All over the world, our team has implemented custom, multi-client acquisition strategies to reduce your risks and costs.

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Equipment Sales and Leasing

From land, transition zones to deeper water, we have the equipment, expertise and personnel to optimize it to your ends.

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Utilizing our experience and existing technology for offerings within the fast-growing renewables market

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