We respect our employees, our customers, our contractors and our planet. Every other policy is secondary.


In every aspect of operational performance, quality is an imperative component. It’s what our clients expect. It’s what the success of our company demands. Accordingly, we must work closely with our customers to define the standards of quality, meeting or exceeding those standards consistently, cost-effectively and on-schedule.

Health and Safety

Safety is fundamental to everything we do. Closely linked with quality, it is achieved through operational discipline, detailed processes and procedures, and the means for ensuring compliance. Through a program of continuous improvement and performance monitoring, we are committed to minimizing the health and safety risks to our employees, contractors, visitors and communities in which we operate.


Our activities inevitably impact the environment in terms of raw materials used, emissions to the air and water, waste generation, and the interaction with marine life and habitat. Our responsibility to the planet demands that we minimize that impact as much as possible, offshore and on. To that end, Magseis Fairfield is developing a sustainability roadmap based on continuous improvement in environmental performance, with monitoring and measurement.

Integrity is in the details

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