Magseis Fairfield launched the OBN revolution. We’ve never slowed down.

Relentless innovation, connecting you with superior seismic.

We wrote the book on ocean bottom node (OBN) technology. Our systems have been successfully deployed in the world’s most challenging environments, from ultra-deep water to shallow transition zones, sub-salt, even onshore and urban areas. We’ve simplified the logistics behind getting the rich seismic data you need to make better reservoir decisions.

Inspired by miniaturization technologies in the mobile phone and military industries, we continue to push the limits of innovation in modular solutions, lighter-weight components and lower power consumption. Our equipment is backed by unsurpassed expertise and packaged to meet your project challenges.

Optimal efficiency and speed.

Our node systems can be fitted for deployment by either nodes-on-a-rope, ROV or Node-drop. With ROV deployment, it offers proven repeatability for 4D reservoir monitoring. The small size allows for a greater number of nodes per skid, improving efficiencies. The scalable, automated handling system and software, combined with hands-free data download, deliver unrivaled speed of operations.

An edge in ROV deployment.

With the positioning accuracy required in 4D reservoir monitoring, ROV deployment plays an important role. Our nodes allow for greater ROV capacities — which means greater efficiencies.


Deployed by ROV or rope, MASS I offers up to 65 days recording time and 128 GB flash memory.

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With excellent seafloor coupling, MASS III delivers high quality 4C data with up to 150 days recording time.

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A hybrid system capable of dual-mode deployment, ZXPLR combines clarity with flexibility.

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With easy, low-risk deployment, the lightweight Z100 is ideal for transition zones.

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In shallow water of up to 700-meter depths, Z700 delivers superior high-density data.

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Engineered to tackle onshore challenges, ZLand goes effortlessly wherever you need it.

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Modular Configurations

Mobile, flexible and scalable, our OBN solutions can be containerized and shipped anywhere.

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