Mobilization for upcoming US GOM project on schedule

April 9, 2020

While the global business community grapples with a new way of conducting business, Magseis Fairfield crews continue to work unabated on existing projects and mobilize for the next projects on the schedule. We have been able to continue to conduct scheduled crew changes, keeping our personnel fresh and our operations consistent and reliable.

Our crew operating in the US Gulf of Mexico has a confirmed backlog through Q4 2020. As we mobilize for our next offshore project, the morale of our crew members remains strong. “Our offshore teams are the backbone of our operations and one of our greatest strengths. They are ready to work and remain committed to providing best in class service to our projects and our clients. Our customers recognize this commitment and continue to work with us, without delays, as demonstrated during recent remote start-up meetings with great client feedback,” says Carel Hooijkaas, Magseis Fairfield CEO.

Times may be unpredictable and norms may be disrupted, but Magseis Fairfield remains strong and continues to prepare for and conduct scheduled projects with relatively few interruptions in these times of uncertainty.

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