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There’s no reason your survey can’t benefit from the ultimate OBN acquisition technology. Our multi-client team has experience all over the world tailoring acquisition programs cost-efficiently while delivering a step change in data quality. With superior node technology, efficient handling and deployment options, Magseis Fairfield can tailor one for you.

Cornerstone OBN Multi-Client Phase I

The first phase of a larger program to re-image a challenging portion of the UK Central North Sea (CNS).

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Tåkehavet MC3D

Coverage from the Barents Sea, Kayak Field, in water depths of 360-390 meters.

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Havis MC3D

Discovered in 2012, this reservoir contained hydrocarbons in three separate sand formations.

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From 4D survey to multi-client reality

Magseis Fairfield can combine your 4D survey with a more regional near-field multi-client survey. To meet your requirements, we can easily configure the geometry and receiver positioning. Using ROV for the node deployment, we repeat the precise receiver location from a baseline survey.

Multi-Client solutions to fit your project needs.

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