Magseis Fairfield pushes the acquisition envelope even further.

Longer life.

MASS III nodes offer recording times of up to 150 days. Data is recorded with 32-bit ADC resolution, chip-scale atomic clock and 256 GB flash memory. The CPU is fully programmable for managing battery life and other functions.

Brilliant flexibility.

With MASS III, Magseis Fairfield has combined an ultra-compact design with extended recording life. It can accommodate a virtually unlimited number of nodes on any survey, providing high-quality 4C data in all types of subsea conditions. A fully automated robotic handling system delivers efficiencies in downloading and node management, along with low failure rates and safer operations.


Fast and easy deployment

Modular handling system

Operational depth 0-3000 m

Battery life up to 150 days

Internal Magnetic Field Sensor (MFL)

Deployment with steel wire, rope or ROV

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Deployed by ROV or rope, MASS I offers up to 64 days recording time and 128 GB flash memory.


MASS Modular

A fully automated mobile solution, MASS Modular systems fit inside certified offshore containers.