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With the largest and most advanced inventory of ocean bottom nodes (OBN) and source technology, Magseis Fairfield is the recognized leader in OBN seismic. We have more node surveys under our belt than any of our competitors. Our proprietary solutions and multi-client business models are backed by more than 40 years’ experience — and that’s the difference that matters. Because you need more than acquisition tools. You need an acquisition partner.



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Where image quality and operational efficiency clearly merge

In 2018, Magseis, Fairfield and WGP came together, pooling proprietary technologies and individual strengths to give customers a uniquely comprehensive and sustainable solution to each logistical challenge. From scalable, high-quality 4D data, Life-of-Field acquisition strategies and bespoke source solutions to the flexible commercial models that make everything possible, we’ll show you the shortest and safest path to achieving your project goals.

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Magseis Fairfield has offices in USA, UK, Brazil and Singapore, and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.


The Echova OBN platform is another industry first by Magseis Fairfield.

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Stellar credentials and track records — it’s not only how we establish credibility. It’s how we establish trust.

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Every ship requires a strong rudder. At Magseis Fairfield, we’re inspired and guided by the highest standards.

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